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Located in the Metro Atlanta area.

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Cheddar, Biscuit, Gravy and Bandit are looking for homes. They were found on St. George Island, very malnourished and living in an abandoned trailer that had been flooded during Hurricane Michael. They're well socialized and very affectionate! They’ve been fixed and de-wormed and come with their rabies vaccination.

Gravy, F

Gravy is a darling little girl with bright, intelligent eyes and a very affectionate nature. She loves to cuddle under your neck and has the loudest purr out of the group, which she uses often. She is very independent and prefers to do her own thing when she’s not cuddling.

Bandit, F

Bandit, also known as Sausage Paddy, is definitely a tomboy. She loves to play with her brother Cheddar and is the most rambunctious out of all the kittens. She has big ears and a bigger appetite, always on the move looking for something new to play with! I believe she would do well with other cats so she always has someone to play with.

Cheddar, M

Cheddar likes to boss his smaller siblings around, but from the moment I brought them home he’s definitely been the most inquisitive of them all! He loves to play and be around people, and especially loves playing with children. He doesn’t like to be left alone and would do best in a home that has lots of other friends to hang out with.

Biscuit, M

Biscuit is a sweet-eyed kitten who enjoys snacks and toys. When he's not napping in the sun he can be found playing with everything from shoelaces to whole shoes! He's very laid back and would be just as content by himself than hanging out with his siblings.