I was the sole Designer for Mermaid Tattoos where I performed a number of design-related tasks for their online storefront.

  • Executed a major redesign of the brand’s ecommerce presence. I was solely responsible for optimizing the site for conversions by streamlining the customer experience, where we saw an increase in conversion rate from 1.8% to 3.9%
  • Defined the overall visual design of the brand, creating a style guide resource to keep designs consistent while speeding up production times for various web and marketing campaigns
  • Developed web and marketing materials for 8 campaigns, including highly targeted landing page interfaces incentivizing visitors to interact with the campaign. The result was an average 70% engagement rate


Mermaid Tattoos is a brand of mermaid-inspired temporary tattoos and accessories. Their products are featured in shops across the US, including the Mermaid of Hilton Head Retail Stores.


Graphic Design, Visual Design, UX/UI Design

Visual Design

My responsibilities included a complete branding re-haul, where I defined the look and feel of the branding materials and established a set of design guidelines that would be used throughout the online storefront.

Interface & UX

I developed a style guide resource to streamline the development process, keeping the overall look aligned with the newly redesigned branding. I also designed several landing pages for use in marketing and promotions.